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At the Pediatrician

Member Benefits

Know Your Doctor

Dr. Annis and Dr. Nayo believe in personalized care.

We choose to keep the number of patients we care for small so we can really get to know you and your family.

Join us and avoid big healthcare systems where you see a different provider (usually not even a physician) at every visit.

Same-Day/Next-Day Care

The Right Care at the Right Time

Since we care for fewer patients, we are available to see you when you really need us. If you need a same-day or next-day appointment, call us. We want to see our patients for acute illness. Unlike some of our bigger competitors, we will never tell you our next available appointment is in 3 months.


Easy access

Have a quick question? Need to discuss your sugar or blood pressure readings? We recognize that not all medical care needs to be done in person and we are not incentivized to insist in an office visit in the same way traditional healthcare is. We have robust HIPPA compliant texting, phone and video options for accessing care.

transparent pricing

know what care costs

We believe care costs should be transparent. Our affordable monthly fee covers your membership in our practice and includes access to basic in-house testing and many procedures. We have also negotiated direct cost lab prices  with up to 80% in savings. Our monthly membership model takes away the incentive to make everything an office visit which means saved time and money. Click here for further breakdown of potential cost savings.

extended visits

don't feel rushed

Good care takes time. Neither Dr. Annis nor Dr. Nayo went to medical school to rush through a patient visit in five minutes. At Unorthodoc we believe in giving patients the time they need. Average visit length is 30 minutes for return patients and 1 hour for new patients. Since there are no profit-driven administrators at Unorthodoc, we have the flexibility to tailor your visit to meet your needs.



  • Adult Primary Care

  • Pediatric/Newborn Care

  • Acute Care

  • Physicals

  • Contraception

  • Same-Day/Next-Day Care

  • No Rushed Appointments

  • Text, Video, Phone Appointments

  • Transparent Pricing

  • Affordable Memberships

  • Cost Effect Procedures

  • Direct Pricing (save as much as 80%!) for Labs

Explore the Unorthodoc Experience

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